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The Discussion Boards provide an open forum where you can share experiences, discuss feelings, seek advice or just make friends. Remember that those who use them are NOT experts and their circumstances may differ significantly from your own. You should therefore ALWAYS take legal advice before making decisions. Whilst the current discussion boards are free to use there is now a small charge to access the older ones. In this way, those who use the boards can contribute to the running costs and development of the site.

Discussion Boards - Logging in

Whilst anyone can still view discussions, if you wish to post on either Board you will need to first register. A password will be emailed to you which is then used in conjunction with your chosen nickname. If you have cookies enabled you will not need to log in after your first visit to the board. 
See Community Rules below.

If you forget your password it can be emailed to you again - see log in section - and rest assured this is the only purpose for which your email address will be used.

The chat facility, used most evenings from around 9:30pm, is where you can talk online to others with similar experience to your own. All can be used with a "nickname" to protect your identity and giving you the freedom to have completely open discussions.

Whilst cases decided in the American Courts are clearly not directly relevant to circumstances in the United Kingdom, they may still provide an interesting perspective. DivorceSource is a North American site containing many resources, amongst which is an extremely comprehensive database of cases of special interest, listed by category. Once again, the uniqueness of every issue and the importance of taking legal advice is stressed.

Make friends, chat online or just listen to others who have experience similar to your own. Its available through Microsoft Communities, is called "ondivorce" and is used most days from around 9:30pm.

How to get there:

  1. Clicking on the button 'Login' - this takes you to a sign in page. After joining the first time you can, in future, use the link "chat" on the left hand side of the page - you will just have to sign in first.
  2. Then, either enter a nickname, your hotmail address and password and hit the button "sign in" or, if you do not have a hotmail account (Passport), follow the instructions on how to obtain one which should take less than two minutes.
  3. You will be taken to the community page with entry to the chatroom on the left. Once inside the chat room you will see the nicknames of whoever is already there. However you feel, you will definitely make friends straightaway.
  4. (Feel free anytime to leave a message on the community discussion board if you would like to arrange a specific time to meet).

Community Rules

Its not our intention to restrict the use of this community by creating lots of rules, but it is necessary to have a few basic ones which we must insist are followed.

Always show respect to all members. Offensive behaviour, intimidating behaviour and foul language will not be tolerated in this community. If you find any of these occuring please report it as soon as possible. Please cut and paste evidence of this behaviour, sending it to us and action will be taken and, where appropriate, evidence will be passed on to other authorities.

Please do not post links to any commercial sites without first checking with

There must be no spamming or flaming of these boards or the members of this community.

These rules exist to protect the members of this community. Those who breach these rules will be banned.

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