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Subject: Debt after divorce advice Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 19:04:02

I am looking for some advice on debt after my divorce. 

I have many debts from my marriage including council tax, electric and gas, water which were all in my name. The mortgage was joint but house has now been sold. I am left with these debts from my marriage due to only my name being registered on the accounts. 

My ex wife contacted me today to say she had received a letter about debt from our joint account (which only my wages were paid into)  which had gone overdrawn years ago. I used this account and a credit card to pay for an expensive camera for her to start a photography business and also a few years later I used the money from our joint account to set her up in a beauty/nails business. 

Firstly I am wondering if she is liable for the utility debts because she lived in the house too and was on the mortgage, even though her name was not registered on the accounts? 

And secondly is she liable to contribute to the debts I had on a credit card, in only my name, if I can prove that I spent the money to help her better her career? 

Thank you, any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. I just want to add that during the separation, my then wife, sold all of my tools I needed for my self employed business and when I went back to the house to retrieve my tools, the locks had been changed without my approval. I could not gain access to any of the debt letters for months, which is one of the reasons, as well as having to turn down work through not having the correct equipment, that the debts have piled up. 

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