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Subject: no assets or pension when divorced but now have pension and potential inheritance can she claim? Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 20:52:13

Hi there - I am the none resident parent to my dear 16 year old daughter and I see her every week and always have done since my separation and divorce many years ago -I have always paid maintenance to my ex -  the separation happened in around 2000/1 in my second year at university wit the final decree coming in 2005- at the time of the separation and divorce we had no assets and were living in a council house and I nor my ex wife had a pension or savings etc- I processed the divorce papers so it wasn't a clean break divorce and I only found out about this recently - I have now been paying into a pension from around 05 and properly since 2008 - I have also managed to rise to the dizzying heights of getting a mortgage on an ex council house. In addition to this I am an only child and my parents plan to leave me their property in their will worth around £160k - neither me or my ex have remarried and my wife remains on a basic wage and claiming some state benefits.

My question is what can my ex wife make a claim on if anything and what if anything can I do to stop her?

any help gratefully received

Thank you

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