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Subject: Divorce and financial orders Posted: Saturday, October 31, 2015 - 10:06:45

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here but need help and advice. I cant afford a solicitor but am going through a divorce at the moment started by my ex. He said he'd make no claim against my house (which is in my name). We have been married for 19 years and no one else is involved in the break up its just irretrievable . We separated just under 5 yrs. ago and have one daughter of 19.

So I got court papers through yesterday and in the divorce prayer he's ticked all of the financial order options and property adjustment etc. How do I stand if there is no equity in the home and there are already 2 charges on the property due to a failed business. I have no savings and am on a low income and our daughter doesn't live at home anymore.

I spoke to his solicitor about 2 months ago and said I would happily agree to divorce if he made no claim against my home he in return wanted me to make no financial claim against him now or in the future. I said I was happy to do that. How do I stand as well as I have very little money and only enough to cover my basics each month .......I don't have money to pay lump sum settlements or periodical payments!! If I've stated I'll make no claims against him how can he be seen to be reasonable and try and claim all 'financial orders' against me???

As I've said I cant afford a solicitor or divorce fees but I need help and advice as the paperwork I've had says I have 7 days to submit back to them????

Any help advice please?

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