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(See also Marriage and Mediation, Domestic Violence and our books page)

Al-Anon offers understanding and support for families and friends of problem drinkers, whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not. 

Alcoholics Anonymous
The official website of Alcoholics Anonymous in the UK 

African Carribean Family Mediation Service
The aim of the ACFMS is to provide relationship counselling to black couples, the services provided include marriage preparation, enrichment and counselling. 2/4 St Johns Crescent, Brixton, London SW9 7LZ 
Phone: 020 7 737 2366

Aquila Care Trust
The Aquila Care Trust (TACT) is a growing network of self-help groups in UK founded in 1991 for the support, understanding and guidance of people struggling to put their lives back together after divorce, separation or broken relationships. It operates in two phases, the first being an 8 week series of small group discussions facilitated by experienced leaders, who themselves have suffered and recovered from broken relationships. The second follows-on, giving continued support, social events, weekend breaks, holidays and workshops.
Phone: 01892 665524

Asian Family Counselling Service
The AFCS is a well-established national charity offering caring, personal and confidential counselling in the client's language with an awareness of their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Clients have a wide range of difficulties including family and marital conflicts. Sometimes they find it hard to adapt to the Western Culture. The AFCS offers a conciliation service for Asian clients, help to local groups, seminars, conferences and workshops, assessment and counselling. 
Address: Suite 51 Windmill Place, 2-4 Windmill Lane, Southall, Middlesex UB2 4NJ 
Phone: 020 8813 9714

British Association for Counselling
The BAC is the society for individuals and organisations committed to counselling in the UK. The association will assist in helping to find a counsellor with appropriate experience in your area.

Department for Constitutional Affairs
A government department responsible for upholding justice, rights and democracy. Its objectives are to provide effective and accessible justice for all, protect people's rights and responsibilities and enhance democratic freedoms by modernising the law and the constitution.
Website: :
Individual and Family

Depression Alliance
Depression Alliance is a UK Charity offering to help people with depression and is run by sufferers themselves. The web site contains information about the symptoms of depression, treatments for depression and local groups. 
Website: :

Divorce Recovery Workshop
DRW is a UK nationwide self-help group run by volunteers who have personally experienced a relationship break-up. It aims to enable people to better understand what they are going through, provides them with support from others in the same situation and assists in the process of readjustment in their lives. 
Website: :

Equality in Marriage Institute
An American site, the Equality in Marriage Institute is a non-profit organisation promoting marriage as an emotional, legal and financial partnership of equals. It exists to provide information, resources and support to men and women before, during and after marriage.
Website: :

Families Need Fathers
Represents non-residential parents and their children, and is primarily concerned with the problems with keeping parents and children in contact after family breakdown. A national network of volunteers provides advice and support on children's issues to separated, divorced or unmarried parents. Publishes booklets and information packs, and a quarterly journal.

Family Action
Provides social work and social care services to families and individuals. A variety of services are offered to those facing social and emotional difficulties, including family and relationship problems, bereavement, loneliness, poverty, unemployment and homelessness. 
>Website: :

Fathers 4 Justice (F4J)
Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) is a civil rights movement campaigning for a child's right to see both parents and grandparents. The group comprises Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, Teachers, Doctors, Company Directors, Policemen, Barristers – a complete cross section of society – all whom believe that Britain is needlessly creating a nation of children without parents and parents without children.

A support organisation for lone parents (through bereavement, divorce, separation, desertion, domestic violence or choice) and their families, with around 200 groups around England and Wales. Offering advice on benefits, childcare, CSA, contact, divorce, employment, housing, maternity rights and lone parenthood.

National Council for the Divorced and Separated
A voluntary group of people who know what it is like when you have lost a partner whether through divorce or any other reason. The aim is to find friendship and happiness through their social branches, where people dance, chat and forget their troubles for a couple of hours.

Relate (National Relate)
Relate is a national charity with over 60 years experience in helping people with their relationships. Through its 2,300 counsellors working in 103 centres in England, Wales and Northern Island, it offers counselling, sexual therapy and other services to help with difficulties in marriage or in any adult couple relationship. It does not offer legal, financial or medical advice but may be able to suggest an alternative source of help.

The Samaritans is a registered charity based in the UK and Republic of Ireland that provides confidential emotional support to any person who is suicidal or despairing; and that increases public awareness of issues around suicide and depression.

Scottish Marriage Care
Scottish Marriage Care is a voluntary organisation with nearly forty years experience in the specialist field of relationship counselling. A registered charity, it provides a professional service to the whole community, delivered in local centres throughout Scotland. By helping to make a real difference to couples' relationships they not only have a positive impact on their clients' lives but also any children of the relationship, their extended family, employers and the wider community. 

Telephone Helplines Association
Search for helplines and other useful organisations using this database of over 1000 helplines. Also included are organisations that do not run helplines but still provide information, advice and support on a range of issues.